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Darstellende Kunst Mannheim
University of Music and Performing Arts
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Bachelor - Terms of admission for


(Duration up to 20 mins)

  1. -2 pieces of the student's choice (Latin, Fusion, Jazz)

  2. This must include one solo or a 4-4 or 8-8 chorus. A band comprised of students (bass, drums and piano) will be put together (please bring music with you). You cannot bring your own musicians with you! Playing along to CD's or sequencers is not permitted.

  3. -Knowledge of basic sounds and rhythms on:
    Congas: Basic Tumbao and variations
    Bongos: Basic Martillo and variations
    Timbales: Abanico, Basic Cáscara Grooves in 3/2 and 2/3 Clave, Basic Cowbell Grooves (Montuno, Cha-Cha-Chá), Cáscara and Clave play.

  1. -Performance of a self-produced transcription of a percussion solo (instrument of choice). The music must be submitted.

  1. -Sight reading a big band or combo part for percussion.

Additionally, there are also examinations in Music Theory and Eartraining...



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